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Otherwise, following these guidelines will assist in keeping your installed units looking good and working effectively for many years to come.

Windows Aftercare

A lot of homeowners keep looking for high quality windows to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their living space, while making the place more functional. In order to match the windows with the living space, and make sure you get the perfect fit, it’s important to hire professionals for the job.

Once the windows have been installed in your home, you need to be confident that they are fully supported. This will make sure the windows look perfect for many years to come. Besides offering a solid 10 year guarantee, our company also offers good advice on how you can take care of your windows after installation.

Window Cleaning

Tips to Clean Your Window Frames

Contrary to popular belief, it’s very easy to clean your UPVC window frames. You need to follow these basic rules :

  • You should never use something abrasive. Abrasive materials can scratch the window surface. This removes the shine off your UPVC windows.

If your windows have hardwood frames, you can follow these simple instructions :

  • Hardwood just requires a standard wash down with some clean water. You should let hardwood dry naturally.
  • Every year, you will need an extra coat of microporous sealant. It should be applied to maintain standard protection from the elements.
  • The surface of the frames should always be dry, dust free and clean before application of the microporous sealant. These sealants allow the hardwood to breathe. Therefore, you should only use them.
  • For the glass, you can use any high quality glass cleaner. High end glass cleaners are good for both triple and double glazed windows.

When it comes to maintenance of your windows, you should keep the following information in mind:

  • In order to keep your adjustments and locks in good shape, you should spray them twice every year with a silicone based product or WD40.
  • If you want to loosen or tighten the friction hinges fitted on the window, you should open the window and insert a small screwdriver. It should be inserted into the head of the adjusting screw right on the hinge. You should turn it slowly until you can notice the desired effect.
  • If there’s been heavy rain in the area, there might be some water lying at the bottom of the window frames. You shouldn’t worry about this. The water will evaporate or drain through different drainage holes in the window base.
  • With lead, rain can start the oxidation process. This shows as mottled or white staining on lead work on the window’s lead work. When the oxidation process is complete, lead work seems dark grey. This may take a few months to finish.

If there’s anything you want serviced or fixed, you can call our experts. You can fill a form online and schedule an appointment conveniently. Our skilled and qualified experts are always willing to help you with any problems related to your windows.

Doors Aftercare

Once your new doors have been installed, you will enjoy the new look of your home. However, if you want to keep your doors looking and working their best, you need to follow some simple instructions – it’s important to take proper after care of your doors.

Door Lock

Taking Care of Your Door

When you have installed a UPVC door, you need to follow some specific cleaning instructions. These have been detailed below:

  • You should never use something abrasive. It may scratch your door’s surface, and remove the overall shine.
  • All you need is a damp cloth to properly clean the UPVC door. UPVC requires very little if any maintenance.

If you have chosen a hardwood frame, you should follow the below mentioned cleaning instructions:

  • Hardwood should only be cleaned with warm water. It should be left to dry naturally.
  • Every year, the hardwood door will need a new coat of high quality microporous sealant. This sealant is applied to maintain the protection against specific elements. It makes sure your door looks great.
  • The surface of your door should be dry, dust free and clean before every application. You should only use microporous sealants. As the name suggests, they allow your door to breathe.

If your door has some glass, it can be easily cleaned with any high quality glass cleaner. This will make sure the glass shines like brand new.

In order to make sure all the mechanisms of your door work best, you should spray a silicone based product or WD40 twice every year. If there’s been some heavy rain in the area, water may be lying around the base of your door. However, you don’t need to give this much worry. The drainage holes will get rid of the water or it will evaporate naturally.

Last but not the least, when lead work is left exposed to the rain, it causes the oxidation process. This seems like mottled or white staining on your door’s lead work. Once the process is complete, lead seems dark grey. It won’t stain anymore. However, this process can take a few months.

In case you experience any problems with the door, you can call our customer care executives and book a service request. You can also fill our online form, and our customer care executives will get back to you.

Conservatories Aftercare

A conservatory is definitely a big and important investment. Regardless of the season, the weather can wreak havoc on all parts of your building. In the United Kingdom, conservatories have long been considered a haven from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This is where one can relax and unwind from stress. However, more and more people who have purchased a conservatory are oblivious to the importance of conservatories aftercare. Hence, you need to remember that your conservatory still requires care and maintenance.

Conservatory Roof

You need to ensure that your conservatory will still continue to look perfect for many years to come. In order to do so, you should follow some guidelines. We’ve issued the following guidelines to help you gain the right knowledge in order to keep your conservatory looking flawless.

  • When cleaning a UPVC conservatory, never use an abrasive material, because it will scratch the surface of your conservatory, as well as removing the shine.
  • You can clean the glass of your conservatory with any type of glass cleaner. Try to use one that you have used before in order to enjoy guaranteed results.
  • For hardwood, simply wash it with clean warm water and leave it to dry. Apply another coat of micropourous sealant on an annual basis in order to protect the frames from harsh weather elements. However, before applying the sealant, ensure that the surface is clean and dust free. If you choose a top-quality micropourous sealant, the wood will be allowed to breathe.
  • Spray the locks and adjustments twice or three times a year with a silicone based-product or with some WD40. This will ensure that they are at their best.
  • In case you need to loosen or tighten the friction hinges for your windows, all you need to do is to open the window and insert a screwdriver in the head on the hinge. Turn slowly until the friction hinges are loosen or tightened enough for your needs.
  • Drainage is a very important part of maintaining your conservatory. For effective drainage, remember to clear the debris and leaves from the gutter. A good idea is to purchase a gutter guard to keep debris and leaves out for good.
  • After a heavy shower of rain, you might notice water at the bottom of your window drains or door. In this case, you have nothing to worry about. The water will drain or evaporate in a few days, maximum one week.
  • Never repaint your PVC conservatory. It has been proven that uPVC conservatories do not require repainting because this material’s colour will never fade in time, even though it is exposed to sunrays for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, for metal or wooden conservatories, remember to paint it at least every two years.
  • Clean the surface of your conservatory on a yearly basis, if possible. Cleaning your investment will help remove contaminants such as dust and insects that are the leading cause of growing algae and fungi.

If you need professional help with cleaning and maintaining your conservatory, you can ask for a quotation by filling in one of our service request forms online.

Other Aftercare information…

UPVC Products

When cleaning, never use anything abrasive, this will scratch the surface which will trap the dirt. Wash the frames with a mild solution of washing-up liquid. If any stubborn marks remain, lightly rub with cream cleaner. DO NOT use on every occasion, as this will remove the shine from the UPVC.


To keep your hardwood in tip-top condition will probably only require a wash down with clean warm water and left to dry naturally. However, annually another coat of microporous sealant will need to be applied to maintain protection from the elements. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and dust free before application and only use microporous sealants as they allow the wood to breathe.


Any type of glass cleaner is suitable.

Locks / Adjustments

Twice a year, spray WD40 or similar silicone based products into all moving parts where metal contact occurs around your doors and windows. This will help keep them operating smoothly. If you need to tighten or loosen the friction hinges fitted to your windows simply open the window, insert a small screwdriver into the head of the adjusting screw on the hinge and turn slowly until you have achieved the desired effect. Should any parts fail due to lack of maintenance, a service charge may apply.

Residential Doors

The mechanisms that operate front and back doors are almost identical so these instructions apply to both. Whilst the door will hold closed on the latch alone, it is not intended to be either draught proof or secure. To achieve draught proofing, the handle should be lifted to almost vertical and then allowed to return to horizontal. This engages the mechanism into steel plates on the frame.


After a heavy shower of rain, you may find some water lying in the bottom of your door and window frames. This is nothing to worry about as this will drain away or evaporate through drainage holes in the base.


Door and window finishes vary, some have a polished factory finish with a protective colourless coating of lacquer. The life of the protective coating is dependent upon the atmospheric conditions in your region or damage caused by jewellery etc. breakdown can occur at any time and is not indicative of defective manufacture. ON NO ACCOUNT must any type of abrasive cleaner be used.

Lead Work

As with any new lead work, when exposed to rain, it will start an oxidisation process which shows as white or mottled staining on the lead work. When this process is complete, the lead will be dark grey in colour and will no longer stain. This process will take a few months to complete.


To ensure effective drainage, leaves and debris should be cleared from guttering on houses and conservatories.

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