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Comfort Glass for homes from Suffolk & Essex to South London

Comfort Glass from world-leaders Planitherm is a significant step up from standard double glazing. It’s a guaranteed way to have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home without the need for costly and bulky triple glazing. Perfect for new or replacement windows, excluding our standard uPVC products, Comfort Glass is supplied as standard on all of our home improvement products.

Contrary to popular belief, triple glazing is not essential for south-facing homes as they receive ample energy gain from the sunshine so double glazing is more than sufficient. Available for every window style; windows that feature Comfort Glass offer higher levels of thermal efficiency, as well as security and noise reduction performance. It even prolongs the life of your prized furniture, protecting it from fading by blocking 99% of damaging UV rays. Or if you have a sunny south or west-facing room or extension, Comfort Glass provides extra protection to reduce overheating where it’s needed most. This means now is the time to future-proof your home with new windowsdoors, or even a conservatory strengthened by Comfort Glass.

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Traditional Residence 7 window

Energy Efficient

Smart Low-E glass coating achieves window energy ratings of A and U-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K, meeting and far exceeding all current UK regulations.

Noise Reduction

Built-in acoustic layer further blocks out external sounds from travelling into your home, providing 20% better noise reduction than older-style double glazing.

Tougher Glass

A robust built-in transparent layer makes it much tougher to break than standard double glazing. Laminated glass will also not shatter.

What is Comfort Glass?

Comfort glass is the latest in glazing technology. It has energy efficiency at its core. Because it uses two panes of glass which include a laminated layer and special low-e coating its more energy efficient and secure than double or triple glazing.

Upgrading to Comfort Glass and Comfort Plus Glass can make a substantial difference in your household energy bills too, outperforming triple glazing by providing 20% better noise reduction than older-style double glazing.

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Upgrade to Comfort Glass for impressive energy efficiency

Our Comfort Glass range achieves window energy ratings of A and U-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K, meeting and far exceeding all current UK regulations for window and door energy efficiency. Comfort Glass and Comfort Glass Plus are two of the most advanced glazing options available and can save you money on your energy bills. This incredible energy efficiency is attained through a combination of two highly efficient glazing panels that have a special Low-E coating that stops 56% more internal heat from escaping.

Our Comfort glazing captures and makes use of the warmth from natural daylight, whilst our advanced Comfort Plus glass helps limit and control natural daylight. These panels encompass advanced argon gas which enables it to reflect more of the heat into the room. This continuously warms during the colder months. This pioneering glazing technology provides a comfortable temperature inside regardless of the weather outside. Furthermore, if your room or extension is susceptible to overheating, the added feature of Comfort Plus glass is sure to appeal. This special coating is designed to keep out heat from the sun’s rays, giving you outstanding control of inside temperatures.

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Full Residence 7 window installation
White uPVC bow window

Reduce external noises in East London, Essex, and Suffolk

Another benefit of replacing your existing windows with Comfort Glass is their unparalleled ability to substantially improve noise reduction. Comfort Glass' built-in acoustic layer further blocks out external sounds from travelling into your home, providing 20% better noise reduction than older-style double glazing. Thus, providing peace and quiet for you and your family - especially if you live near a busy road, school, airport, and the like.

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Superior home security with robust Comfort Glass

Enhance your property’s security by upgrading your double glazing to ultra-modern Comfort Glass. The robust built-in transparent layer makes it much tougher to break than standard double glazing. Laminated glass will not shatter either, making it much safer all round.

Combined with high-quality frames and multi-point locking features, Comfort Glass provides unrivalled strength from forced entry. You can even include extra security features to the window specification for greater peace of mind.

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Oak effect Residence 9 window interior
Black aluminium casement window

Comfort Glass window styles and designs

Offering the industry-leading glazing option for home improvements. Our Comfort Glass is available with most of our window styles, including casementtilt & turnbay, and bespoke window styles. So, you can have high performing windows in a style to suit your home.

Our high-performance uPVC and aluminium window frames are all compatible with Comfort Glass panels. This gives you the freedom to choose a window design that meets your tastes. They can be finished in over 150 RAL colours and many traditional wood effect finishes for a heritage appearance. Both glazing options also protect your furniture from fading, blocking out 99% of the sun's UV rays. This allows you to make the most of your furniture for longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Triple glazing alternatives - Is Comfort Glass better than triple glazing?

We’re often asked, ‘what’s the difference between Comfort Glass and triple glazing?’ Well, at SEHBAC, we are firm believers that you don't need triple glazing to maximise the comfort in your home. More panes of glass do not necessarily mean more savings.

Compared to triple glazing, Comfort Glass provides enhanced security, energy efficiency, visibility, and improved noise reduction. Comfort Glass is ideal for keeping the heat inside cooler north facing rooms for longer, whilst Comfort Glass Plus is perfect for preventing south facing rooms from overheating through the warmer months. Plus, with new building regulations just around the corner, Comfort Glass units are much more in line with them than triple glazing. Lighter, clearer, more cost-effective, and easier to install, it makes perfect sense to upgrade your glazing to Comfort Glass with SEH BAC.

Comfort Glass Triple Glazing
Energy efficiency High Medium
Enhanced security High Medium
Noise reduction High Low-medium
Furniture fade protection ✔️
Reduce overheating ✔️

Is Comfort Glass better than double glazing?

Comfort Glass is better than double glazing because it keeps over 40% more heat in your home, protects furniture from sunlight, reduces more noise and is more secure.

What is A rated double glazing?

Energy efficient home improvements are incredibly important, so if you're wondering how to tell what A rated glazing is you're not alone! Read more

How do I know if my windows need replacing?

Modern double glazing lasts at least 20 years, but there are certain tell-tale signs you need to look out for. Read more

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