Here's a few simple steps to keep your new replacement doors well maintained and looking as good as when first installed.

Once your new doors have been installed, you will enjoy the new look of your home. However, if you want to keep your doors looking and working their best, you need to follow some simple instructions – it’s important to take proper care of your doors.

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Taking Care of Your Door

Maintaining uPVC doors

When you have installed a UPVC door, you need to follow some specific cleaning instructions. These have been detailed below:

  • You should never use something abrasive. It may scratch your door’s surface and remove the overall shine.
  • All you need is a damp cloth to properly clean the UPVC door. UPVC requires very little if any maintenance.
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    Maintaining composite doors

    Composite doors are extremely easy to look after:

  • Soapy warm water and a cloth are all that’s’ required to get rid of any dirt on the door and the frame. Dry fully with a soft cloth.
  • Maintaining bi-fold doors

    To keep your bi-fold doors in top condition, follow these simple tips:

  • The glass is important to maintain in a bi-fold to keep those stunning views. Soap and water is effective but make sure to use a high-quality cloth or scrunched up appear to ensure it stays streak free.
  • Again, soap and water is your best choice for the frames. Certain household cleaners can affect the powder cost finish. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any debris in the tracks to ensure a smooth operation.
  • In order to make sure all the mechanisms of your door work best, you should spray a silicone based product or WD40 twice every year. If there’s been some heavy rain in the area, water may be lying around the base of your door. However, you don’t need to give this much worry. The drainage holes will get rid of the water or it will evaporate naturally.

    Last but not the least, when lead work is left exposed to the rain, it causes the oxidation process. This seems like mottled or white staining on your door’s lead work. Once the process is complete, lead seems dark grey. It won’t stain anymore. However, this process can take a few months.

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