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Guttering, Fascias & Soffits for your home in Ipswich, Essex and Surrey

Stop the rot before it’s too late with our great range of fascias, cladding, soffits and gutters. With our high-quality products, your home will be protected against the elements as well as looking good. So no more worry and no more maintenance!

What are roofline products?

Roofline products play a vital role in protecting your home’s structure as well as safeguarding your property. They protect your home from the weather and nesting birds, as well as improving the overall aesthetic of your home. Fascia boards run alongside your roofline, protecting the join between your roof and walls, and guttering helps channel the rainwater away. uPVC soffits run underneath the fascias and help ventilate your attic space, preventing damp from forming. uPVC cladding also helps shield the front of your house from the weather.

Why are roofline products important?

It is important that roofline components are as low maintenance as possible because of their tricky location. Not only that, but they also have to be weather-resistant. This is because of the role they play in protecting the home from the elements. When combined with those factors, as well as having a strong and durable design, the attractiveness of the products still comes to the fore. With a wide range of colour choices and finishes, you can improve the look of your property along with protecting it.

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What is guttering?

The primary function of guttering is to protect a home from rainwater. This is done by diverting the fallen water away from the foundation of the property. Without the guttering, or if it is damaged or obstructed in any way, the water can easily find its way into your home and cause significant damage. Having a gutter system that functions effectively prevents this water damage as well as any rotting or general deterioration. It is important to carry out regular maintenance when it comes to your gutters. Allowing a buildup of debris can affect performance due to causing blockages and overflow. Adding products such as a leaf guard or gutter brush can help maintain the performance of your guttering.

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White guttering
White fascia


What is a fascia?

Fascias help to protect the inside of a home from any potential damage from the elements. They also help to complete the aesthetic of the outside of the property. Located along the lower edge of a roof, the fascia is a straight, long board that typically supports the lower part of the bottom row of tiles. The fascia board is also what carries the guttering. Our boards are strong enough to be able to be directly attached to the rafters. Having a sturdy fascia board is important because it will help to reduce the cost of a replacement, if required.

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What is a soffit?

Similarly to the fascias, soffits also help to provide protection to the structure of a property, as well as finishing off the overall look of the home. A soffit is the section of board fitted between the wall and the back edge of the fascia board. The soffit helps with ventilation, keeping any warm moisture in the air from entering your home. As a result, it helps to reduce condensation and the appearance of mould.

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White soffit
Roofline case study

The benefits of uPVC roofline products

Maintain and improve your home's aesthetics

When choosing soffits and fascias in uPVC material, there is great scope to really improve the external look of your property. The range of colour and finish options are extensive. There is even a selection of woodgrain finishes to provide a realistic timber alternative. These options are perfect to help to truly represent individual styles, with some boards able to achieve a subtle aesthetic, while some can provide a more exuberant look.

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A low maintenance choice

As with the vast majority of uPVC products, there is not a huge need for any extensive upkeep. Typically, occasional maintenance will be required just to ensure that nothing is being left unloved. Just a wipe down with a damp cloth will be enough to ensure that they are still looking their best. These uPVC roofline products allow homeowners additional peace of mind in the knowledge that their soffits and fascias will not be prone to warping, rotting or cracking. Instead, there is a low-maintenance, long-term solution.

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Roofline case study
Roofline case study

No painting or touch-ups required

Once your roofline products have been successfully installed, you will not need to worry about their aesthetics afterwards. Aside from the aforementioned maintenance of your guttering and the occasional wiping down of the material, nothing further will be required. No painting, sanding or any kind of treatment will be needed; your soffits and fascias will still perform admirably and look fantastic.

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The roofline components available at SEH BAC

Fascia boards

Our fascia boards are compatible with all soffit types available, ensuring that you are never stuck for choice. Being 16mm thick, our boards are easily able to attach straight to rafters thanks to their durable and strong design.

Soffit boards

There are a few different boards available to choose from at SEH BAC. A solid soffit board can give a subtle yet clean look, with the option to be enhanced further by adding separate vents. This in turn allows the continuation of airflow through your loft. A hollow soffit board can also be fitted with ventilators to help with airflow and is a generally lightweight, budget-friendly option. The vented soffit boards have ventilation features already built-in, helping to prevent damp and rotting rafters.

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Composite cladding and new white roofline
Black uPVC guttering and soffits


There is a broad selection of guttering options available at SEH BAC. The half-round guttering style (114mm x 51mm) is a very popular choice for many types of residential buildings and is available in lengths of up to four metres. Similarly, the square-line guttering style (114mm x 59mm) is also finely-suited to residential buildings, offering a stylish and modern aesthetic. While often used for commercial buildings, the Universal Plus style (128mm x 88mm) is also suitable for use on larger residential buildings and conservatory roofs. The thickness of the uPVC design presents a strong and durable option.

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