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Door security in Ipswich and Oxford to Essex and Suffolk

With over 50 years of installing home improvements across the South East of the UK, we know that home security is important for any homeowner looking for a new front or back door. With SEH BAC, you can be sure that your replacement door will be fitted with industry-leading locking features as standard. So, whether you opt for sleek grey bi-folds, oak French doors or a coloured front door, you won’t need to compromise on your home’s protection when choosing its bespoke appearance.

The importance of front and back door security

As the main point of entry to your property, doors are an easy target for intruders. Older doors that look tired or weak are especially prone to forced entry as they’re not made from sturdy and durable materials that are much more difficult to break into. Our modern doors incorporate a number of security features to enhance your home’s defence from burglars. Take a read below to see how the locking hardware works to protect your home.

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High security multi-point door locks

Our doors are fitted with multi-point locks as standard, giving you the home security you'd expect from a new door. To class as a multi-point locking system, the door lock needs to have a minimum of three locking points, but they often have five. As you turn the key, they all lock simultaneously, anchoring the door to the frame in several places. This provides excellent support as the defended area is much larger and sturdier than one sole lock, giving you confidence that your home is secure.

Grey aluminium front door
Yale door locks

Secure your home with industry-leading Yale locks

Our composite doors are fitted with Yale multi-point door locks, a reputable locking system known for offering the highest door security levels available on the market. As the largest supplier of multipoint locks, you can be sure that they offer the very best!

Yale door locks feature a number of technically advanced components, including precisely fitted deadbolts, hooks and latches into the sophisticated multi-point mechanism design. Yale locks are developed to achieve their exceptionally high standards and have been rigorously tested to ensure their ability to withstand tremendous forced entry.

Prevent lock snapping with anti-snap lock cylinders

A lock cylinder is the component that you insert the key into. When the key is turned, it pushes spring-loaded pins upwards, allowing the door to open. When locked, the numerous pins keep the cylinder intact to stop them from turning. Lock cylinders are integrated into the design of most residential doors. They’re a functional hardware option for homeowners as they’re easy to operate and additional keys can be easily cut.

Lock snapping is a technique whereby force is applied to the lock cylinder, which makes it snap into two. Burglars can then expose the locking mechanism and damage it fairly easily to gain access. By fitting an anti-snap lock into the cylinder, break in attempts using lock snapping are much less likely as their innovative engineering means they can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure.

Yale superior locks
Mortice lock

Adding extra door security with a mortice lock

If you’re asking yourself ‘what is a 5 lever mortice lock?’, it essentially attaches a bolt into the door frame when the key is turned. They are one of the most common locking mechanisms on residential and commercial doors as they can withstand extreme force and they are highly reliable. Mortice locks incorporate anti-pick features, reducing the risk of them being picked by intruders and are manufactured utilising robust materials to enhance their strength and lifespan.

Night latches, door security chains and sash jammers

These additional security features can be added to many of our replacement doors. But how do they make a front door more secure?

  • Night latches – This is fitted to the inside of the door and is operated from the outside of your home by turning the key to bolt the locking mechanisms into the door frame. A key isn’t needed to unlock the door, making it a feature that could be highly valuable in the incident of a house fire, and common for homes with families.
  • Door security chains – This is a supplementary feature that has been popular for many years. It essentially restricts the access from the outside when you open the door, so an intruder wouldn’t be able to open the door wider than a small gap.
  • Sash jammers – Commonly added as an extra step for greater home security, they will stop the door from being opened if the main lock has been compromised by a burglar. They essentially bar the door from being opened with a small lever that hinders its ability to be opened, unless it is manually pressed down by the homeowner inside.
White uPVC back door

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