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Planning Permission

Planning permission can be confusing but here at SEH BAC we will take care of everything for you. Planning permission is not always necessary for conservatories but should your plans need permission – SEH BAC will send out a highly trained architect to gather the full details the council requires.

You will receive the same detailed drawings that are used for submission and be kept up to date with how things are moving along and the progress of your application. Gaining planning permission is perceived as a problematic and time-consuming process. However, when working with the experienced professionals at SEH BAC it doesn’t have to be.

Planning permission process

How do I know if planning permission is required?

We’ll assess your situation when we plan and design your conservatory and a full inspection will be carried out to see if planning permission is required. However, you might not need planning permission if:
Aluminium Victorian Conservatory

  • On a semi-detached or terraced building, the conservatory does not exceed 3m from the original back house wall of the property. Or,
  • On a detached property, the conservatory does not exceed 4m from the original back house wall of the property.
  • Permitted Development Rights (PDR) have not been removed from your property.
  • Your property is not listed and/or in a conservation area.
  • The conservatory is sited at ground level.
  • The conservatory is permanently separated from the remainder of the property by means of a door.

This makes a conservatory a great way to extend your home without the added time and hassle of planning permission.

Meeting building regulations

We’ll assess all projects and the permissions needed, to ensure your conservatory is fully approved and in regulation. Building regulations may be required if:
uPVC T Shaped Conservatory

  • The conservatory doesn’t have a 70% translucent roof
  • The conservatory doesn’t have 50% glass coverage on newly constructed walls.
  • The conservatory has an internal floor area exceeding 30 square meters.
  • The conservatory is not sited at ground level.
  • The conservatory has no physical barrier between the main house (ie doors)

Throughout the entire planning process, we will help and advise you on every step in any way that we can. So don’t delay it any longer, get in touch and book your appointment today.

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