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Clever ways to keep your conservatory cool this summer

UPVC Edwardian Conservatory

As it’s starting to heat up outside, many are retreating to their conservatories to find some shade. However, older conservatories aren’t as energy efficient as modern equivalents and can feel as hot if not more so than outside. During the winter, they can also struggle to retain heat. Never fear; here are some easy solutions that will make your conservatory a comfortable place to be all year round.

Comfortable living is a breeze

Letting cool air in to flow around your conservatory is an important way of keeping the temperature down. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding whether windows should be left open or closed. If the room is cooler than the outside temperature you should keep windows closed to stop hot air entering. Window vents allow you to control your ventilation. If the room is hotter, then open them to let in a breeze. Having windows open in the evenings will help keep your conservatory cooler. This isn’t a long-term solution though as it can leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

Add style and shade

Conservatory Refurbishment, home renovation - keep your conservatory cool this summer

A quick fix for your conservatory heat issue is to invest in some blinds. As well as keeping you shaded from the sun they can also help keep heat in during the winter. Internal blinds can be fitted inside your conservatory’s double glazing. They’re easy to use and won’t get tangled or dirty. Blinds are an easy and stylish way to add a splash of colour to your home and can give your conservatory a tropical feel which you can match with your décor.

Tips to keep your conservatory cool as a cucumber

Other nifty ways of keeping cool include attaching fans to the ceiling to circulate air. Plants are great at absorbing moisture so will keep humidity levels down as well as brighten up your room. Soft fabrics such as cotton or natural ones like bamboo will keep you cooler. Leather can feel sweaty in the heat so might not be the best choice. Adding a mini fridge to your conservatory won’t keep the room cooler but a cold drink will keep you comfortable. It also comes in handy when you have guests over.

Fall in love with your conservatory again

All these are just short-term fixes and won’t actually solve your problem. The best way to keep your conservatory cool is with a conservatory refurbishment. From roof replacements to adding energy efficient windows and doors, we can make your conservatory your favourite room again. With a modern glass or tiled roof, your conservatory will stay at the perfect temperature all year round.

The perfect all seasons roof

maximise natural light with skylights

We can even install a LivinROOF; an innovative solid roof system with an attractive vaulted ceiling. This can be broken up with roof lights. These provide shade from the sun and privacy from neighbours but still let you enjoy some natural light. Our glass roofs are self-cleaning and have effective solar control. This lets in ample sunlight to keep your room bright without overheating it. In the winter, your warmth is kept in, letting your conservatory be used all day every day.

Get in touch with SEH BAC today to let us bring some life back to your conservatory.

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