What’s the best flooring solution for your conservatory?

Which is the best type of floor covering for conservatories?

So you’ve done the hard part and installed a conservatory you can’t wait to utilise and relax in. However, the final cherry on top of this cake is the type of flooring you choose to have laid down within the extended space. For most people, this is determined by the type of application you plan on using your conservatory for. Popular uses include an extra kitchen, home office, and of course a natural dining area. So, what is the best flooring solution for your conservatory?

Thankfully, we at SEH BAC are perfectly primed to help inform you about this decision, having installed thousands of conservatories all over the UK for years. As such, we’ve put together a breakdown of the three main conservatory flooring contenders! The most popular flooring choices for a conservatory are laminate, vinyl and carpet floors. Each of the three conservatory flooring choices has its own benefits which we have explained in this guide so that you can make the best decision for your new conservatory.

uPVC P-Shaped conservatory interior view

Compare the three conservatory flooring options

There are a variety of conservatory flooring choices when it comes to getting a new conservatory extension installed, so it’s vital that you thoroughly research the best option that meets your individual requirements and budgets. Take a look at our comparison for laminate, carpet and vinyl flooring.

Conservatory laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is easy to fit, looks great, and most importantly well-designed to meet the demands of a modern conservatory extension. This is largely because the laminate panels are highly resistant to heat and UV rays, which of course is very important for flooring that will be regularly exposed to lashings of sunlight. Tiled conservatory roofs ensure this isn’t so much of a worry, but if yours features a glass, polycarbonate roof or roof lantern, laminate flooring is equipped to withstand such high levels of sun.

Other benefits and advantages of laminate flooring are that it’s hard-wearing, meaning that it can handle frequent scrapes and slides. Homeowners get to enjoy the appearance of solid wood, only with it being easy to clean and less maintenance overall. It’s easy to maintain which makes it ideal for the rear of your home as you won’t have to worry about mud from the garden becoming a nuisance. A traditional yet contemporary look is successfully achieved and a cosier feel can always be added by simply popping down a shaggy rug.

Benefits of laminate flooring:

  • Resistant to heat and UV Rays
  • Effortless to wipe and clean
  • More affordable than solid wood alternatives
  • Wide range of colours and finishes

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Conservatory carpet flooring

Soft carpet in conservatory setting

Though it might seem unorthodox to some, carpet tiles are quickly becoming a popular favourite amongst homeowners that want their conservatory to feel more like a natural part of the property. It’s easily fitted and is relatively affordable when compared to alternative, more conventional conservatory flooring options. They are hard-wearing, feel great for when you want to have a lazy day relaxing in your extended space, and always provide a cosy feel. A carpet will give your conservatory a cosy and relaxing vibe that can seamlessly blend with your existing home.

Can I put carpet in my conservatory?

With carpet tiles you’re never limited to a concise set of textures and colours as you are with most other conservatory floorings. Picture your perfect colour or even perfect pattern and the likelihood is that it exists out there and can be easily laid down. Cleaning carpet tiles is just a simple case of vacuuming, saving you many hours you would otherwise spend using a mop.

Benefits of carpet flooring:

  • Low-cost conservatory flooring option
  • Provides a cosy feel that’s in keeping with other areas of the home
  • Warm feel when entering your conservatory barefoot
  • Wide range of colours and textured styles

Vinyl flooring for conservatory AKA cushion flooring for conservatory

Many of our customers ask is vinyl flooring suitable for a conservatory? In short, yes it most definitely is! Vinyl flooring in a conservatory can have a surprisingly illuminating effect, especially in those that feature either a glass conservatory roof or glazed roof lantern. This is because it reflects the sun gloriously due to the glossy surface, making the chosen colour pop even when looking in from the outside. Vinyl also helps you to spend less time looking after your extended space and more time enjoying it, thanks to any accidental spills or drips being easily wiped away.

Similar to laminate conservatory flooring, vinyl can evoke the look of tiles or even wood, achieving the traditional appearance for a just a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Vinyl is also one of the safest choices of flooring for your conservatory as it’s virtually non-slip. If you or a loved one are fragile or have a disability, there’s no option with a better grip. Vinyl flooring can be best summed up as ‘beautiful yet hard-wearing’.

Benefits of  vinyl flooring:

  • Stunning and vibrant finish
  • Easy to clean and extremely hard-wearing
  • Virtually non-slip with good grip
  • Wide range of colours and finishes

An open white uPVC french door and classic tiled flooring

Are tiles cheaper than laminate flooring?

Real tiles, e.g. ceramic, slate, glass, stone, etc, are generally more expensive than laminate flooring. The installation of a tiled floor will also cost more, as it is much more labour intensive than laying a laminate floor – which is why laminate flooring is a favourite with DIY enthusiasts across Britain.

How long should a laminate floor last?

Good quality laminate flooring has an average lifespan of 15 to 25 years.

Of course, its longevity all depends on the product quality, the standard of installation and the amount of wear and tear it receives.

Gable Ultraroof conservatory

Keeping warm with under-floor heating in your conservatory

Since you are spending all that hard-earned cash on a conservatory it makes sense to ensure you are going to be able to use it all year round. Central heating has come on a long way and many people who choose to heat their conservatories opt for under-floor heating. The beauty of this is that it dispenses with the need for bulky radiators, which in some conservatories are not practical. Also, experts say that by radiating the heat upwards under-floor heating gives a more even heat throughout your structure.

Which conservatory flooring solutions can have under-floor heating?

We have found that one of the best types of floor covering to have is ceramic tiles or other stone products, but you can lay carpet and underlay over them, too, so long as they are not too thick. Wooden floors retain the heat very well, and will last for many years to come. As leading experts, we can advise on the best option for your conservatory to achieve both the best performances and aesthetics.

How is under-floor heating installed in a conservatory?

Bright light conservatory interior

There are two methods of installing under-floor heating: by laying down electric mats; or pipes that have warm water run through them to heat from the ground up. You’ll find the advantage of electric mats is they are much cheaper to install, but running costs can work out more, depending on a range of factors relevant to you. Installing water pipes, especially if you are doing it retrospectively, can be very expensive but some experts will tell you that the running costs can work out cheaper. The warm water is pumped along the pipes from a boiler or a renewable heat source – something like an air-source or ground source heat pump. These pipes mean that the temperature of the water doesn’t need to be very high to give good warmth even in the coldest of winter days.

Will under-floor heating reduce heating bills?

We did a bit of research on the gas and electricity energy costs on the Uswitch website to find out the heating tariffs for both in the region around SEH BAC’s Ipswich head office. This is what we discovered: a kilowatt hour of electricity bought from British gas is 11.968p per kWh and for gas it is 4.120p per kWh (Dec 2012). As a benchmark Which? website says roll-out under-floor heating mats cost around £75 per square metre. And while it agrees that the laying of a “wet” system can be expensive, it also quotes the Energy Savings Trust as saying this method is more efficient than radiators so is less to run.

Conservatory flooring ideas

When you have chosen the conservatory flooring option for your new glazed extension, you’ll likely to be considering the flooring ideas and designs to achieve your dream new living space.

Some of our favourite conservatory flooring ideas include grey flooring which will create a modern and fresh aesthetic that can easily suit both old and newer properties. White flooring will brighten your conservatory whilst reflecting the natural light so regardless of the weather outside, it will remain bright and airy all year round. Wood appearance floors are a popular flooring choice that will never go out of style; we offer a plethora of wood effect styles and colours, ranging from Irish oak to Rosewood, accomodating any personal preference.

Whatever conservatory flooring idea you are looking for, we are more than equipped to bring your dream to life thanks to our extensive range of conservatory flooring solutions.

Cream T-Shaped conservatory interior view

SEH BAC: Helping homeowners get their dream conservatory

As you can see, there’s plenty of opportunities when it comes to conservatory flooring options, whether you want to prioritise aesthetic, function, or sun resistance. The same can be said for the plethora of conservatory-style options we can offer at SEH BAC. So, for more information feel free to contact a member of our team today either via phone or online message and allow us to help complete your dream conservatory build.

A uPVC Conservatory

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