When is the right time to replace your double glazing?

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Believe it or not, sometimes a property’s double glazing requires a replacement for practical reasons as well as stylistic preferences. Because while we all want to ensure our home is the best-looking it can possibly be, we also expect great performance, security, and function from good window sets too. The question of “When is the right time to replace your double glazing?” might prove a tricky one, but thankfully we’ve put together a list of the most common tell-tale signs.

It’s draughty and you can’t get comfortable

Perhaps one of the easiest signs to spot, everyone wants to feel comfortable while in the sanctity of their own home. If you find yourself not being able to do so due to the occasional breeze or same pesky cold spot, it’s highly likely that your windows are letting in unwanted cold air from the outside. The way to avoid this is by assuring that your windows perfectly match the contours of the space they occupy when first fitted. If not, over time draughts are a likely occurrence.

After having your windows replaced with SEH BAC’s high quality double glazing means being able to enjoy a comforting home. You’ll never dread returning to your household on an evening, thanks to glazing that is fitted to be airtight, resulting in low U-values, energy being saved, and any naturally generated heat unable to escape the living space.

Condensation starts to set in

Condensation, for those unaware, happens to double glazing when the differences between the inside and outside temperature results in moisture build-up on the glass. At its worst, mould can permeate in the cill and frame and potentially lead to health issues later on down the line. If you suspect condensation in your windows and notice the glass misting, we recommend acting as soon as possible.

Combatting condensation is all about utilising windows that have been purposefully designed to let air be ventilated and easily flow through. That’s why windows from SEH BAC integrate what are known as trickle vents, which when open, can be angled to face up or down to get rid of draughts while reducing the risk of harmful condensation.

Physical signs of wear and tear

Double glazing has to put up with a lot of rough and tumble over the years. Whether that’s due to the many harsh weather elements that can occur or just the general regular opening and closing of the frames. Chips, cracks, and corrosion are sometimes unfortunate side-effects of this, being a good indication that the windows might need replacing.

SEH BAC double glazing that creates comfortable living spaces

Our selection of windows and double glazing options don’t just give properties a fighting chance at staying comfortable, but pretty much guarantee it. Always fitted to be airtight, engineered in hard-wearing materials, and configurable to any shape or size, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to resolve any double glazing woes you might have.

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