Door glazing options in Ipswich to Essex and Suffolk

Like all of our home improvement products, our double glazed doors are made using innovative glazing that doesn’t only provide advanced benefits for your home, they’ll add significant style to make your door unique to your property. From contemporary to traditional, take a look at our selection of glass options that can be included in our front and back doors, french, patio and bifold doors.

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Double glazed front and back doors

All of our doors are fitted with double glazing as standard, ensuring you’ll receive all of the modern benefits you’d expect. This includes superior durability to heighten the security, and excellent energy efficiency capabilities to keep the warmth of your home inside.

Our cutting-edge double glazing is manufactured with two panes of thick glass that wrap around argon gas. This is able to effectively keep the cold out and the heat in, for outstanding U-Values and sound reducing abilities.

White Composite Door
Chartwell green composite front door

Triple glazed front and back doors in the South East of the UK

Growing in popularity in the UK, homeowners are more commonly looking for triple glazed doors especially where large glass panels are involved. We can offer triple glazed front and back doors that will provide unparalleled levels of thermal performance, strength and safety.

Triple glazed doors include an additional layer of glass into their design, which further enhances its ability to keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round with their outstanding A+ energy ratings and U-values of up to 0.8 W/m2k. This is because the extra glass pane, spacer bar and argon gas filling work cohesively to ensure that heat can’t transfer between the panes and escape from inside.

Toughened glass or laminated glass doors?

Also known as tempered glass, toughened glass acts as an advanced safety glass as it’s five times stronger than a standard glass of a similar thickness. Upon impact, it shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces reducing the likelihood of injury. It’s commonly utilised in door styles like bifolds and patio doors where large glazing panels are used. Toughened glass is popular with homeowners looking to add another level of security and safety to their home.

With its pioneering design, laminated glass bonds the two panes of glass together so that it stays intact when smashed, this means shards of glass aren’t able to cause injury. This offers an incredibly reliable yet secure door glass option for homeowners with children and pets as it will stay complete until it is replaced.

Buying a Double Glazed Door Through SEH BAC Offers You Real Peace Of Mind

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