Evolution vs Residence 9: Which is the best heritage windows brand?

How to choose your period style window from the two top brands: Evolution windows vs Residence 9?

White-painted wooden windows, perfectly joined, with period handles – that’s what you think of when someone mentions ‘heritage windows’. This does not necessarily have to mean wood though. Timber alternative windows are made using efficient uPVC frames, designed to look like traditional wooden windows.

It can be tricky to know how much replacing your timber alternative windows can cost, they have been around for five years but they’re no longer a niche product – timber look uPVC is better than ever and it’s here to stay.

Residence 9 window interior

Why choose timber-effect windows?

Although timber is extremely attractive, homeowners often prefer timber look uPVC due to its low maintenance and flawless appearance. To maintain timber’s efficiency, it needs to be regularly maintained which can be time-consuming as well as expensive. uPVC is extremely easy to take care of and can be more cost-effective than timber.

Timber look windows give you the best of both worlds – combining the beauty of timber with the ease and efficiency modern uPVC provides. Heritage timber alternative windows bring these elements together to give a superior performance that will add to the mix of overall kerbside appeal.

Heritage windows review – Which are the best?

There are two main brands of heritage uPVC windows we’re going to review – Evolution Windows and Residence 9 windows. The Evolution range is the original, R9 windows came after. The Residence Collection has a better-known brand, so is seen as more ‘popular’, but it can also be more expensive as Residence 9 windows prices vary. But what is the real difference in performance between the two?

Evolution windows

Who makes Evolution Windows?

Evolution was the original company that started producing timber alternative windows and their products are full of technologically-advanced features. These windows are traditionally glazed which makes the glass easy to replace (if this is ever required). These windows are only 82mm deep, which means they take up less space but still retain the same thermal efficiency. All of Evolution’s windows are A-rated as standard and their Stormproof and Flush ranges are A+ rated, with thicker double glazing to give improved energy efficiency; making your home warmer and reducing your monthly heating bills.

Contact a member of the team today for a free no-obligation quote on our Evolution heritage window collection, you won’t lose anything as our quotes are completely cost-free! See how much you could save by visiting our regularly updated windows, doors and conservatory offer page too.

What are Residence 9 windows?

The Residence 9 Collection is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to heritage windows. They have recently expanded their range to enable them to replace modern uPVC windows as well as timber. The Residence Collection is 100mm deep which makes them a durable window and the glass is bonded to the frame which can look impressive but does mean that the glass cannot be replaced if ever damaged. This collection was designed to exactly replicate the elegance of traditional sash windows which is why they have larger frames.

What’s the difference between Residence 9 and Evolution Windows?

Brand Residence 9 windows Evolution windows
Frame Depth 100mm 82mm
Energy Efficiency A+ A+
Colours 14 colour and woodgrain finish options Unlimited colour and woodgrain finish options
Security Multi-point shoot-bolt locking mechanisms High quality locks guaranteed for 10 years
Period detailing Exquisite detail and range of options Exquisite detail and range of options
Timber look window cill Yes Yes, between 160mm-200mm
Flush casement Yes Yes
Glazing options Double or triple glazing available Double or triple glazing available
Authentic butt hinges Yes Yes
Accessories Range of authentic forged handles including monkey tails and teardrops Monkey tail and period curved handles, as well as more modern options such as the teardrop

Can timber effect uPVC windows be used in conservation areas?

uPVC windows are sometimes accepted in conservation areas, but it’s a tricky subject. The main stipulation is that they have to be in keeping with original windows, and more often than not, this means timber. The decision rests with the Conservation Officer at your Local Authority, and each case will be different. Any good window installer will be able to check for you and recommend the best window style and material for your home.

In the case that your Local Authority will not accept a timber alternative replacement, at SEH BAC we also design and install wooden windows, as well as uPVC sash windows from the Rose Collection, which have been accepted in conservation areas.

How much do Residence 9 windows cost?

The price of your window renovation will depend on the size of the overall project. However, as with all our products, all of our only require a deposit of £99. When it comes to repayment, a range of flexible finance options are available, making Residence 9 windows accessible for all homeowners.

Whichever brand you choose, make sure you choose SEH BAC

Here at SEH BAC, we provide heritage style timber alternative windows that are aesthetically pleasing and are a true asset to your home. They instantly add value as well as keeping with your home’s authentic appearance. If you want to retain a charming heritage feel to your period property – or even add it to a modern home, timber alternative windows could be the solution for your home.

Moss green timber effect window

And if you live in a 19th century home..

What are the best window styles for 19th Century properties?

Are you looking for the ideal way to bring your home back to its original Victorian or Queen Anne architectural stylings? Between 1839 and 1900, this era is considered a crucial time in Britain’s architectural history. The Industrial Revolution was taking place, where a series of architectural revival styles were taken from the past to create the asymmetrical ‘Victorian’ style that we see many examples of around Ipswich and the surrounding Suffolk areas today; Ipswich is one of England’s oldest towns after all.

An elegant style to breathe life back into your Victorian homeEvolution windows for Victorian homes

Referring to the reign of Queen Victoria, between 1855 and 1885 the Gothic Revival featured heavily in Victorian property designs with brick as the main material choice of the day. Typical features of ‘Victorian Gothic’ were ornate designs where the likes of pointed arches, patterns, intricate bay windows and stained glass featured heavily. Other architectural styles that became fashionable during this period were Italiante and Neoclassicism mixed with various Middle Eastern and Asian influences, where the addition of many intricate window frames became a classic Victorian trait.

Queen Anne architecture originally referred to the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714), which saw a popular revival in Britain near the end of the 19th century. This architectural style is recognised by its rich red brick use, windows with glazing bars, terracotta tiles & panels and doors covered with timber hoods.

Experts for 19th Century properties and more

Whether you’re looking for ‘Victorian Gothic’ timber glazed bars, beautiful heritage bay window restoration or classic timber effect window installations, we have a wide range of options to accommodate Victorian and Queen Anne revival style heritage window designs. Our ‘Kolor Bond’ system allows us to create any colour to match your existing décor. Alternatively, you can choose from traditional and stylish wood effect finishes to add that beautiful finishing touch to your home. All our windows are A-rated and provide excellent thermal insulation, as well as advanced security features keeping you and your family safe and warm. You can contact us to find out more.

View our range of Heritage windows

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