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What are uPVC Gable Conservatories?

UPVC gable conservatories are a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a striking focal point in the front of their homes. The gable end design, which resembles a traditional apex roof, gives these conservatories a classic and timeless look. Unlike traditional apex roof conservatories, uPVC gable conservatories have a unique sloping roof that extends all the way to the apex, adding height, space, and grandeur to the structure. This elegant conservatory design, with its abundance of floor space and impressive apex roof, is sure to impress and inspire with its conservatory style.

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  • Colour options

    uPVC Gable Conservatory Colours

    When it comes to choosing the perfect colour for your new conservatory, you have a wide range of options to consider. From classic neutrals to vibrant shades and even wood effect, you'll find the perfect colour option to match your home's style.

    Any RAL Colour

    Any RAL Colour



    Anthracite Grey

    Anthracite Grey





    Light Oak

    Light Oak

    Irish Oak

    Irish Oak



    Sage Green

    Sage Green



    Roof options

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    Benefits of uPVC Gable Conservatories

    Adding a uPVC gable conservatory to your home has benefits. It increases floor and living space. You can use it as a living room, dining area, or home office. These conservatories help save energy by regulating the temperature inside your house. This reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy savings. Additionally, a uPVC gable conservatory can raise your home's market value. It attracts potential buyers, making your home more appealing on the market. Whether you want to sell soon or increase its value, a uPVC gable conservatory is a worthwhile investment.

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    A Gable Ultraroof conservatory
    A beautiful, yet technically advanced living space

    The Versatility of uPVC Gable Conservatories

    UPVC gable conservatories offer versatility, tailored to your needs for a personalised living space. Choose from traditional apex or gable end designs that blend seamlessly with your home's style. Add patio doors, French doors, bifold doors, and sash windows to create a unique space that maximises functionality.

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    The Traditional Style of uPVC Gable Conservatories

    If you are a fan of traditional architecture, uPVC gable conservatories offer a style option that perfectly complements period homes. With their classic look, gable end conservatory are a great way to effortlessly enhance the charm of traditional properties. The traditional apex roof design, combined with the striking front elevation, adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to any home. By incorporating uPVC gable conservatories, whether it be for a period, heritage, or new build home, homeowners can elevate the aesthetics of their property, creating a timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

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    White uPVC Gable conservatory with a glass roof
    Black uPVC gable conservatory

    Improved Energy Efficiency in Homes with uPVC Gable Conservatories

    Energy efficiency is important for homeowners. uPVC gable conservatories keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. They have double glazing for insulation, reducing heat loss and energy bills. These conservatories are great for improving home energy efficiency. They help maintain a consistent temperature inside, making living spaces comfortable year-round. uPVC gable conservatories also lower carbon footprint by improving overall energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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    Why Choose Our uPVC Gable Conservatories?

    When it comes to choosing Gable conservatories, there are several reasons why SEH BAC is the ideal choice. Our conservatories are designed to meet building regulations, ensuring that your investment is of the highest quality. We provide cost-effective and durable conservatories, offering value for your money. With period-appropriate features, we pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring that your Gable conservatory reflects the architectural style of your property. Our conservatories are the most popular style, adding financial value and elegance to homes. When you choose our Gable conservatories, you can trust us to deliver customer satisfaction, financial value, and a beautiful addition to your home. Additionally, our conservatories feature FENSA accredited installation of replacement windows, doors, and rooflights, providing added security and peace of mind.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does a uPVC gable conservatory enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property?

    Adding a touch of sophistication, a uPVC gable conservatory elevates the property's aesthetic appeal. Its grand gable design creates a spacious feel while welcoming natural light, brightening the interior. Complementing various architectural styles, this classic addition adds significant value to any home.

    Are uPVC gable conservatories energy-efficient?

    UPVC gable conservatories boast remarkable energy efficiency. The uPVC material ensures excellent insulation, maintaining optimal temperature levels. Opt for double or triple glazing to enhance energy savings further. Proper installation and sealing are key contributors to the energy-efficient nature of these conservatories.

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