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Orangeries Warlingham

Are you looking to transform your Warlingham home into a luxurious space? Look no further than our selection of elegant orangeries! These premium home extensions not only add beauty and style to your property but also offer a range of benefits. Find out more about orangeries and why they are the perfect choice for your Warlingham home.  Ready to enhance your home’s value and enjoy industry-leading thermal performances? Let’s explore the world of these beautifully extensions together!


Understanding Orangeries: A Premium Home Extension Option

Discover what makes orangeries a standout choice for homeowners in Warlingham. From their unique design to the added living space and elegant features, orangeries offer a luxurious way to enhance your home. With the right design and materials, you can create a stunning space that seamlessly blends with your existing architecture. The installation process is straightforward, but it's important to consider any planning permission requirements.

Award winning orangery installation
An internal view of a contemporary orangery.

What size orangery can you build without planning permission?

The size of an orangery you can build without planning permission is subject to "permitted development rights," which may vary based on your location and the specific regulations set by your local planning authority. In England, under typical permitted development rules, you can generally build a single-storey orangery without planning permission if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The orangery does not extend more than 50% of the total area of your property.
  2. The height of the orangery does not exceed 4 meters.
  3. The eaves height of the orangery does not exceed 3 meters, if it is within 2 meters of the boundary.
  4. The orangery is not forward of the principal elevation (the front of the house).
  5. The orangery does not include any verandas, balconies, or raised platforms.

Why Choose an Orangery for Your Warlingham Home?

Discover the allure of orangeries, a sophisticated and versatile extension option that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. By incorporating an orangery with French doors, Bifold doors, Casement windows, or Flush Sash windows you can create a truly enchanting space. Orangeries flood your home with natural light, making them an ideal spot for relaxation or entertaining guests throughout the year. The large, glazed panels not only enhance your views but also promote better energy efficiency.

Embrace the beauty of nature while staying comfortable inside, as these stylish extensions are designed to provide excellent thermal insulation. With their timeless charm and the perfect mix of modern design elements, orangeries elevate the aesthetics of any property and add substantial value to your home.

Whether you desire a cozy reading nook, a spacious dining room, a childs play room or a multifunctional living space, orangeries offer the ideal solution for an elegant and functional home transformation.

Anthracite grey aluminium orangery installation
White uPVC Orangery with red brick walls

The Historical Significance of Orangeries

Orangeries have a rich historical significance, originating in the Renaissance as protection for citrus trees in winter. They symbolized wealth and were elegant spaces for entertaining guests, influenced by classical architecture. Today, orangeries add luxury and charm to homes.


Orangeries vs Conservatories: What's the Difference?

Orangeries and conservatories are both types of home extensions, but they have some key differences. Orangeries feature more brickwork and solid walls, while conservatories are predominantly made of glass. Orangeries offer better insulation and can be used as year-round living spaces, whereas conservatories are typically more suitable for seasonal use.

White hardwood aluminium orangery
An internal view of a contemporary orangery.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Orangery

When it comes to choosing the materials for your orangery, you only want the best. Which is why at SEHBAC we offer our orangeries to be available in high performance uPVC or aluminium. uPVC provides durability, low maintenance, and a wide range of color choices. Aluminum offers strength, sleek aesthetics, and excellent thermal efficiency. Incorporating double glazing allows for abundant natural light and panoramic views, creating a bright and airy space. Another option is to combine different materials to achieve a unique and personalized look.


Can an Orangery Increase Your Property Value?

Yes, an orangery can definitely increase the value of your property. These high-end home extensions are known to attract buyers with their added square footage and luxurious aesthetics. Experience unmatched thermal performances with a modern orangery, offering advanced insulation properties that regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption. Create a versatile space for dining, work, or relaxation, seamlessly integrating with your Warlingham home's architecture while adding value and functionality.

Interior view of a uPVC orangery

Ready to Transform Your Home with an Elegant Orangery in Warlingham?

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your Warlingham home with an elegant orangery. Experience additional living space and ample natural light. Customize your orangery to match your personal style. Get in touch with SEHBAC by contacting us today for a bespoke quote, bespoke as the job itself!


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