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A Rated Windows

a-rated-windowsWhen it comes to decoding the world of energy efficiency – the terms can become slightly baffling. What you need to know is that energy efficient ratings run from A-G with A being most efficient and G being least efficient. But there can also be plus and minus rating between this.

An A- rating ensures a home doesn’t lose energy because they only let out as much energy as they let in from the outside.

With our A+ window however, the benefits are above and beyond. A+ windows let in more heat than they let out which allows you to use less heating and keep your home warm for a lower cost.

A+ windows carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended Certification mark as well.

With energy bills on the rise year after year – making these changes to your windows is more than worthwhile and allows you to keep your home warmer for less.

Make an investment that saves money and pays for itself. Invest in quality. Invest in warmth. Invest in stylish A+ windows.

Why you should invest in A+ Windows

  • First and foremost, these windows pay for themselves with the savings you make on your energy bills. This makes them the sensible choice for homeowners who want to enjoy a more comfortable home for less.
  • As well as being energy efficient and preventing heat escaping your home, these windows have the added benefit of preventing noise pollution – making for a more relaxing home as well.
  • By choosing the very highest rated window, you’re making the best possible investment and won’t need to replace your windows further down the line when a lower model doesn’t match up.
  • Enjoy the comfort of a warm home during those cold winter days and nights, your home will be the perfect toasty welcome on those chilly days.
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