Secondary Glazing in Ipswich and East London to Essex and Suffolk

For those who live in listed buildings or conservation areas, secondary glazing could be the best or only option for upgrading nonperforming old windows. Some homes cannot have their original windows altered due to building regulations. You may want to retain the original appearance, or you may not want to get new windows installed so you don’t spoil the heritage style. However, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with a draughty house once winter arrives.

Just because you don’t want to adjust the exterior of your home, it doesn’t mean you have to be without the benefits of double glazing. That’s why our secondary glazing is the perfect solution for the best of both worlds.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing simply involves having a single glass pane fitted over the interior of your existing windows with a 100mm gap. This gap between the windows will reduce heat loss by up to 70%, for a thermally insulating solution. Our secondary glazing is made bespoke to you, meaning you’ll have the perfect fit whatever your window. Upgrading to secondary glazed units allows you to enjoy a warmer home without compromising on the style of your original windows.

The stylish glazing profiles are available in over 200 colours so we can design your secondary glazing film to seamlessly blend with your home. We also offer a range of openings including vertical and horizontal sliders, tilt opening, lift out and hinged. It provides a cost-effective solution to enhance the insulation of your home as well as helping you to save money on your energy bills. The thicker the glass, the further enhanced this is, which is why we offer various glass thicknesses to suit individual requirements.

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Energy-efficient secondary glazed windows for South-East homes

If you own a heritage home and do not have permission to change the existing windows then secondary glazing is the best way to improve your home’s efficiency. This is because it retains your home’s character.

Secondary glazing is cost-effective. You’re only adding another layer of glass on the inside of your home, so it's a great way of having a warmer home without compromising on style or budget. With energy bills rising year on year, it makes sense to stop heat escaping at all costs and provide a more comfortable and heat retaining home.

Secondary glazing utilises pioneering techniques, replicating our advanced double-glazing specifications. By adding another glazing panel that’s fabricated from dense materials, the heat inside of your home is kept inside as it can’t escape through the tightly sealed glass. In the same way, the cold outside elements are eliminated from entering the room, so you’ll benefit from a draught-free design.

The insulating cavity between the existing window and the extra layer of glass acts as an important retention of energy. Upgrading to secondary glazed units will keep your home at an optimum indoor temperature 365 days of the year.

Tired and older windows are prone to condensation which is a clear sign of poor thermal performance. Therefore, by having secondary glazing panels installed, you’ll notice that issues of condensation are a thing of the past.

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Living room
Sliding sash secondary glazing to fit over existing windows

Durable replacement secondary glazed windows to protect your home

Home security is also improved with a second layer of glass, providing better defence against any unwanted intruders. Single glazed windows or outdated double-glazed windows provide little protection from forced entry and are often targeted by burglars as they are easier to break into.

The glass can also be picked with little force. So, upgrading your windows with durable and tightly fitted secondary glazing means your home will be less vulnerable as it adds sturdiness and robustness that won’t succumb to harsh forces. Improve your peace of mind with secondary glazed windows to ensure that your period property is safe and secure.

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Reduce external noises in Milton Keynes, Chesham, Warlingham and Stevenage

For those who live near busy roads or in noisy areas then secondary glazing is extremely effective at noise reduction. The added slimline glass pane provides an additional barrier that stops noise polution from entering the room. After you’ve had secondary glazing installed, you’ll notice that your home is much more peaceful, providing a relaxing environment to work, relax and sleep.

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Bay sliding sash secondary windows
uPVC sliding sash windows in white

Bespoke secondary window glazing styles and designs

Whether you’re getting single glazing installed on existing windows, or as part of a complete set of replacement windows, we can provide the ideal window system for your specific requirements. We can install secondary glazing to any standard casement window style.

Our collection of high-performance casement windows come in a range of versatile materials, including uPVC, timber or aluminium, all of which are compatible with secondary glazing panels. Our range of replacement windows can be finished in 150 attractive RAL colours and many authentic wood effect foils. This is ideal to retain the heritage character of your home, whilst enhancing its insulation.

With a variety of glass thickness choices, you’ll be able to decide on the right glazing panels to suit your requests and budget.

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