Triple Glazing with up to 35% off for homes from Ipswich and Oxford to Essex and Suffolk

Triple glazing is a significant step up from double glazing and the guaranteed way to have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. Commonly found in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, triple glazing is the perfect solution to enjoying a warmer home for less during those harsh cold winter months and is expected to become increasingly common in the UK. This means now is the time to future proof your home with new windows, doors, or even a triple glazed conservatory. Triple glazed windows can be over five times more effective than single glazed windows. An upgrade to energy rated windows can make a substantial difference in your household energy bills which is welcomed when these continue to rise.

What are triple glazed windows?

Triple glazing works by providing a further barrier against the cold and preventing heat from escaping outside. There are three panes of glass with two gaps filled with argon gas. These air gaps are too small to allow the air to circulate and therefore prevent heat transfer by convection. However, it is important that only experienced professionals install triple glazing to ensure you get the very best results from your investment.

Triple glazing must be constructed in the correct way with high specification glass, a spacer bar and argon gas filling in order to achieve the maximum benefits. We incorporate the highest specification ‘soft coat’ glass to our energy-efficient windows, combined with argon gas filling both cavities and bond all of this together using a ‘warm edge’ spacer bar to prevent cold bridging around the edges.

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Reduce external noises in Milton Keynes, Chesham, Warlingham and Stevenage

Another benefit of replacing your existing windows with triple glazing is their unparalleled ability to substantially improve noise reduction. As triple glazing incorporates an additional layer of thick glass, it is able to further block out external sounds from travelling into your home, providing peace and quiet for you and your family. Double glazing may only be able to minimise the effects of exterior noise pollution, making our triple glazing systems ideal for homeowners who reside on busy roads or neighbourhoods.

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Tall black aluminium casement windows installation
White casement uPVC windows

Superior home security with robust triple glazing

There’s no better way to enhance your property’s security than by upgrading your double glazing to ultra-modern triple glazing. The additional toughened middle pane is tightly enclosed with a durable glazing panel on either side, meaning your home is protected with three layers of sturdy glass. This, along with our high-quality frames and multi-point locking features, provides unrivalled strength from forced entry. You can even include extra security features to the window specification for greater peace of mind.

Our triple glazing has been rigorously tested to meet strict industry standards and accreditation bodies, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. The added pane of glass strengthens the window surface area, making it much more difficult to break or smash the glass, and boasts triple glazing to be the most secure glazing option available on the market.

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Triple glazed window styles and designs

Offering the industry-leading glazing option for home improvements, our triple-glazing is available in a range of our window styles, including casement, tilt & turn, bay and bespoke window styles. So, you can have high performing windows in a style to suit your home.

Our high-performance uPVC, aluminium and timber window frame materials are all compatible with triple glazing panels, giving you the freedom to choose a window design that meets your personal tastes. They can be finished in over 150 RAL colours and a number of traditional wood effect finishes, for a heritage appearance.

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Cream uPVC flush sash windows installation

Is it worth having triple glazing?

Triple glazing is worth it if you are looking for super energy efficiency and/or reduced noise pollution. If you live in a particularly cold area and are finding it hard to keep heating bills down triple glazing could be the answer.

Is triple glazing better than double glazing?

Triple glazing is better than double glazing in two aspects. It has better thermal efficiency than double glazing so it can save you more on your energy bills. It can also reduce noise more than double glazing because of the extra pane of glass. So if you live in a very cold or very loud environment triple glazing would be better for you than double glazing.

Is triple glazing soundproof?

Triple glazing can reduce noise from outside more than a single or double glazed window. This is because it has an extra pane of glass. However triple glazing will not make your home totally soundproof especially if you live in a very noisy area.

Make sure to talk to our team if you want to make your windows as soundproof as possible.

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Dual opening triple glazed windows with Georgian bars

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