Transform Your Home In Romford With A Bespoke Conservatory

If you are thinking of getting an aluminium or uPVC conservatory for your Romford home, then making sure you choose the right one is essential for your new conservatory extension. Romford has a variety of property styles, from new builds to 1930s Victorian terrace houses. Our highly acclaimed team has dedicated themselves to the personalised design and seamless installation of conservatories specifically catered to homeowners in Romford. Our familiarity with the local landscape and years of experience are pivotal in crafting conservatories that blend with the unique architectural style of properties in the area. We also consider all relevant building regulations and address any concerns regarding planning permissions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your new conservatory extension.

Conservatory styles in Romford

Whatever the reason for considering a conservatory extension for your Romford home, you will need to choose the style that best suits your it and your needs. Classic conservatory styles such as an Edwardian conservatory and a Victorian conservatory are popular with homeowners, while a Gable conservatory is great if you would like to maximise the daylight coming in.

If you want to really add some serious space then a Lean-To conservatory allows you to do just that with minimal hassle, while a P Shaped conservatory is ideal for open-plan living. A T Shaped conservatory is perfect for creating two separate areas of in your conservatory extension. So, whether you want a kitchen extension, dining room, home office or playroom in your Romford home, the style of the conservatory is crucial to how it will function.

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A white Victorian conservatory.
Grey tiled conservatory roof

Conservatory Roofs in Romford

Choosing the right roof for your Romford conservatory will also help it function how you want it to. If you want to let in as much natural light as you can then a glass roof is perfect thanks to its large panels of high quality glass. You may want a tiled roof, which can blend in seamlessly with your property, or a Lantern roof with a glass focal centrepiece. If you want to let light in but want a bit more privacy, then a solid roof is the perfect choice as it combines glazing with tiles. You can also improve the performance of an existing conservatory extension with a new conservatory roof replacement.

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Thermally efficient conservatories in Romford

Experience year-round comfort and exceptional energy efficiency with our first class conservatories. Our cutting-edge technology and advanced features ensure that your conservatory maintains an optimal temperature all year round. During the summer, our specially treated conservatory glazing reflects the sun's rays, effectively keeping the interior cool and comfortable. In the winter, our conservatories employ multi-chambered profiles and argon-filled inter-pane areas, effectively trapping the heat generated within your home and helping you to save on your energy bills. Additionally, our low maintenance glass adds to the convenience of owning one of our conservatories.

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white conservatory with glass roof
Simmons uPVC conservatory installation

Why choose SEHBAC for your conservatory in Romford?

We have been helping homeowners in Romford with their home improvements for more than 50 years and have strengthened our local reputation as one of the leading home improvement installers in the South East thanks to our customer service. We have the experience to exceed your expectations with a conservatory installation to your Romford home that is smooth from start to finish thanks to our team of conservatory installers – and will provide you with the extra space you want while increasing the value of your property. As an accredited company endorsed by esteemed third-party industry bodies, we also offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all our conservatories too.

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See our conservatories in Romford for yourself

Investing in a conservatory is a significant step that requires careful consideration. It's essential to personally experience the conservatory of your choice before making a final decision. To help, Romford homeowners can choose to visit our showroom in Chelmsford, which is just 18 miles away, or our showroom in Rayleigh, which is around 20 miles away. At both, you can discover our wide array of top-quality conservatories firsthand and speak to our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will be able to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the various conservatory options so that you make the ideal choice for your Romford home.

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Multi-award winning company

Here at SEH BAC, we’re proud to have won many prestigious awards for our products as well as our work in the community:

Installer awards 2022
G21 Finalist
SEHBAC showroom winner
Ultraframe designer winner
Conservatory and orangery awards winner 2019
NHIC 2018 Consumer confidence award
G17 Installer of the year
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