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We offer conservatories in eight styles, three choices of materials and three roofing options. Our conservatories are built to moderate temperature, stay secure and look great. In cases where planning permission may be a barrier, we have the expertise to advocate effectively on your behalf.

Heat retention

Conservatories are commonly thought to be more prone to extreme temperatures than other rooms. This is because glass conducts heat better than brick or plaster – and conservatories typically have a larger ratio of glazed to non-glazed surface than traditional rooms.

However, there are many technologies and features which offset this. And if you choose the right model – and the right installer – there’s no reason your conservatory shouldn’t be comfortable all-year round.

Our conservatory glazing is chemically treated to increase reflectivity far in excess of a normal pane’s. In the Summer, when the sun’s rays are one of the major heat sources, this keeps the conservatory cool.

In the winter however, most heat comes from inside the home, which means the glass’s increased reflectivity doesn’t result in unwanted cooling. On the contrary, our multi-chambered profiles and argon-filled inter-pane areas trap heat, keeping you comfortably warm.

For more information on heating conservatories, get in touch via a form or simply give us a call. Alternately, keep reading.

Planning permission

Planning permission can be difficult to obtain. But it all depends on your situation. While it would be remiss to guarantee you permission, we can pledge one of our trained architects, who’ll make a visit and provide an assessment. From here on in, they’ll have you covered.

Of course, in many cases, obtaining permission is no issue at all. You may be exempt
• If attached: the extension ends within three meters of the home’s pre-existing rear wall
• If detached: the extension ends within four meters of the home’s pre-existing rear wall

There are many other conditions. So for more info, read our guide to planning permission.

Alternatively, if you’re still unsure or would just like to speak with someone, please get in touch via a form, give us a call – or keep reading. We’re more than happy to help.


Although break-ins are very rare, it is not uncommon for burglars to gain entry via the conservatory, usually via the window or door. This means that the security standards applied to your conservatory’s access points should be just as strict as those applied to your home generally.

Many of our windows and doors are built according to specifications of PAS 24 and Secured by Design: legislations governing the manufacture and testing of windows and doors, devised by the British Police, with the aim of certifying high-security products.

Although of course, there’s always an extra mile to go. On top of these certifications, we offer a range of additional features across our windows and doors, including dog bolts, slave doors and anti-jemmy bars. The availability of these features depends upon the type of conservatory and the window or door’s primary material, however.

Security is just one thing to consider when having a conservatory built, but it pays to get it right. To find out more about what’s on offer, get in touch via a form or give us a call – or keep reading.

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