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Be the envy of your street with a set of stunning bi-fold doors. As well as giving you more space with their streamlined opening system, these aesthetic doors act as a focal point. Every garden party will see them play a starring role as guests admire them and use your living space more. With slimline frames, the unobstructed outside views you can get are second to none. They are an ideal back door choice to be incorporated into a conservatory design too.

What are bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors are unique sliding doors that will transform your living space. With a concertina-style fold, the door panels neatly stack up on one side to completely open up your home. With up to eight door panels available, you can create a fully glazed wall if you wish, depending on the size of the space. By completely opening up the room, you can create an open-plan feel between your home and garden.

These doors are perfect for summer, but you don’t have to worry about bi-fold doors letting you down during winter. Like all our doors, they still possess all the energy-efficient qualities that keep your home warm. Whether you choose aluminium, our door frames combined with our high-quality double glazing provide superior insulation. Security is taken care of too with multi-point locking and secure frames that will keep your home safe.

Colours 150 RAL colours and a range of woodgrain effects. Dual colour designs are also available.
Glazing Options Double toughened glazing.
Energy Efficiency A natural insulator, aluminium features a multi-layered frame with insulated cavities. Can achieve U-values of 1.32w/m2K.
Security 8-point locks are fitted as standard, as is toughened glass which is 5x stronger than normal glass to pass PAS 24 testing. Additional security features can be included.
Life expectancy At least 30 years, maintenance free. Corrosion-resistant, it won’t rot, rust or warp
Suitability A premium door material that boasts unique slimline frames. Choose from a range of configurations.


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    We offer our bi-fold doors in ultramodern aluminium materials to allow you to make the choice that’s right for your home.

    Browse colours

    Our doors come in a wide variety of colours to make your home the envy of your street. Choose from traditional white or how about a wood effect finish such as attractive Rosewood? Alternatively we can create any personalised door colour you desire with our ‘Kolor bond’ system to ensure your new door fits perfectly with your home.

    Aluminium Colours

    Any RAL Colour

    Any RAL Colour


    Our bifold doors come in a number of versatile configurations, we can incorporate up to 8 glass panes. We'll install the opening either in the middle or side of the door set to suit your space.

    Bring the outside in with our aluminium bi-fold doors

    The perfect choice for homeowners looking for a contemporary back door solution. Our aluminium bi-fold doors are custom-made to suit the existing character of any home in the South East of the UK. Their smooth finishes, along with their slim frames exude a sleek appearance that will modernise both the exterior and interior of your home.

    Not only do our replacement aluminium bi-fold doors provide an ultra-modern style, but they also boast unparalleled performances. An intensely strong material, aluminium can withstand incredible amounts of force, giving you peace of mind that your new doors won’t succumb to unwanted intruders or the harsh weather. Their advanced manufacturing techniques also enhances their energy efficiency capabilities, retaining the warmth inside of your home for a comfortable living temperature 365 days of the year.

    Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
    Black aluminium bifold door interior view
    Stylish aluminium bi-fold doors that are energy efficient.

    Secure bifold doors in Chelmsford, Essex, East London and Suffolk

    No matter the material you choose, you can be sure that your home is protected with our range of bi-fold doors. As you’d expect with replacement doors from a leading double-glazing installer, their sophisticated fabrication incorporates a range of industry-leading locking features as standard. They’ve also been thoroughly tested to meet industry regulations, giving you the assurance that they’ll protect your property from burglars. As our bi-fold doors are individually made, we can also include a range of additional security hardware features for homeowners looking for even further home security.

    Our bifold doors utilise large panes of innovative toughened glass, which is five times stronger than standard glass, so you can be sure that this will add another level of protection to your home. When impacted, it shatters into hundreds of small pieces so the likelihood of injury is almost eliminated, meaning this makes it a safer glass choice for bifold doors.

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    External bifold doors that are energy efficient

    Our high-performance bifold doors are manufactured with thermal performance as a priority. With their tightly fitted frames, advanced double or comfort glass, and sophisticated components, they’ll perform excellently all year round. You’ll no longer experience cold spots inside your home as they absorb the outer heat to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. During the summer, they’ll let the warmth out for the perfect climate inside. Replacing your bi-fold doors could even save you money on your heating bills!

    Contemporary aluminium bi-fold doors
    Integral blinds in Bi-Fold doors

    Improve your privacy and thermal efficiency with integral blinds

    Our new bifold doors can be fitted with integral blinds. They are enclosed between the panes of glass, so unlike normal blinds, they will stay in perfect condition and are maintenance-free. Fully compliant with the relevant safety campaigns, you can have peace of mind that they are child-friendly.

    One of the benefits of including integral blinds into your bifold doors is that you can regulate the warmth entering and exiting the room with either a slider or cordless slider option. You can also control your room's privacy and let the natural light brighten the room whenever you desire, without the need for curtains.

    We offer a number of different designs, including horizontal or pleated styles and a plethora of attractive colour options. Take a visit to either our Chelmsford, Colchester or Chesham showroom to see how they look in our bifold doors.

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    Eurocell oak effect bifold door installed in Colchester.

    Are bifold doors a good idea?

    Bifold doors are a good idea for removing any barrier between your garden and the inside of your home. They also add value to a property.

    How much do bifold doors cost?

    The cost of bifold doors will depend on the size and material you choose for the doors. If you want an accurate price talk to a bifold door expert.

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