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Choose energy efficient windows now with up to 35% off & 5 years no interest finance available!

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We offer windows in 5 styles and 3 materials, in addition to our bespoke design option (for those wanting to fit a window in an unusual building). We build for comfortable temperatures, great security and strong noise cancellation.

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Design, build and customise your very own windows & doors online using our fantastic easy-to-use Online Designer! Choose from hundreds of colour combinations, sizes, configurations and hardware choices to make your windows & doors bespoke to your home. Submit your designs for a quick and easy quote or to arrange a home visit to find out more.

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Live comfortably while saving money

The price of windows should not be considered alone. Every style and material offers differing levels of heat retention – meaning that the right choice could go on saving you money far into the future. Our highest-rated products really are the highest rated: there’s no higher grade on the WER (Window Energy Rating).

We’ve achieved this via a number of top-range technologies and features including multi-chambered window profiles, argon-filled inter-pane areas, low-e glass, specially treated to reflect heat back into a room, and the newly patented Warm Edge Spacer Bar.

Not every window company offers the same quality innovations. But they won’t make a song and dance of it!

Of course, what you need depends on your home’s other features, its location and your preferences. To begin your journey, just fill out a quote form, call us on the phone, or alternately read more about windows’ thermal properties here.

Sleep safe and sound

Being burglar-proof is a must for any reputable window company – because it’s a must for every customer.  We’re proud to say we’re part of Secured by Design, the home-security initiative developed by the British Police Force, which supplies designers with the latest and greatest ideas in crime prevention.

Building products to these specifications makes a big difference. In a recent study conducted in Nottingham, Secured by Design standards affected a decline in break-ins of nearly 50%.

You may live in a low-crime area – but it never hurts to build the best as standard. Those with additional concerns can explore our range of locking mechanisms and find out what other specifications influence security. All you need to do is get in touch via a form or telephone call, or simply read more here.

Keep your quiet nights quiet

The same high standards which will keep your home warm and safe will also keep it quiet. In part, noise cancellation is a bi-product of good heat retention. Warm Edge Spacers Bars, multi-chambered profiles and argon-filled inter-panes all dampen noise.

The other half of the equation is good workmanship: how snugly seals, panes and frames are fitted. Installers who aren’t skilled and experienced may make mistakes during installation or while pre-measuring, both leading to gaps through which heat and noise may pass. We, on the other hand, have 45 years’ experience of building a great reputation by hiring and training the best people.

And we’re also part of by TrustMark – the Government-backed quality seal for companies whose work is carried out in the home. To find out more about noise cancellation, you can get in touch via a form or telephone call, or simply read more here.

Buying a product through SEH BAC offers you real peace of mind

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We have gained the knowledge and experience to provide you with exactly what you need. Our staff are expertly trained to guide and advise you. We offer you a 10 Year Guarantee.

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